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IIBA Business Analyst Europe Conference 2011: Keynotes

Two of my highlights of the event came in the form of keynote speakers. Ivar Jacobsopn – Use-case 2.0 Firstly, was the impressive Ivar Jacobson discussing the topic of Use-case 2.0. Unlike other methodologies and brands that have jumped on the 2.0 bandwagon, the latest version of the use-cases include a rework to allow for quick adoption by smaller software teams (without having to invest a career in trying to understand how to properly document them). Perhaps most impressive for … Continue reading

Good Reasons Not to Follow the Process

This made me smile. We’re starting some new agile projects this week and there has been a lot of interest from people not on the project team. Most of this interest seems to be based on the belief that we’re throwing the rule book out and becoming ‘a bit relaxed’ with our development process. I don’t believe that’s the case but this comic strip sums it up pretty well! Source: